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Bel Math Apps presents educational math applications



Bel Math Apps applications cover the following domains of CCSS - Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice for grades 1 through 7: (see table in CCSS at BMA)
- Operations & Algebraic Thinking
- Number & Operations in Base Ten
- Number & Operations - Fractions
- The Number System
- Ratios & Proportional Relationships
- Statistics & Probability.
Bel Math Apps also provides quizzes for the traditional elementary & middle school curriculum, such as statistics and the wider spectrum of arithmetic operations than is required by CCSS. Parents and teachers can use the applications as a digital alternative to the traditional paper and pencil method. Our goal is to provide a tool to strengthen students' knowledge.

Most important features of the presented apps:

Bel Math Apps offers 7 applications & one bundle on the AppStore and 2 applications on Google Play:

Bel Math Apps also provides:

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