Compare All Fractions

Compare All Fractions can be used as a tool for teachers and parents to explore, consolidate and check students’ knowledge of fractions.Compare All Fractions is also a skill builder for students grades 3-7.
The application offers a set of examples to compare all types of fractions: common fractions, mixed numbers,decimals, percents.
Compare All Fractions' content is aligned with CCSS Mathematics Standards and covers the following domains of CCSS for grades 3 through 7:
• Number & Operations – Fractions;
• The Number System;
• Number & Operations in Base Ten;
• Ratios & Proportional Relationships.

Compare All Fractions content is also aligned with Singapore Math Practice.
The relationship between the quizzes and CCSS Mathematics Standards/Singapore Math Practice are described in CCSS/Singapore Math. Users have to enter their name before taking their first quiz, allowing the same iPad to be used for practice by multiple students.

Compare All Fractions offers 4 executive pages:

 •   "Level 1" for comparing 2 common fractions,
 •   "Level 2" for comparing 2 rational numbers,
 •   "Level 3" for converting percents to decimals & fractions ,
 •   "Level 4" for arranging in order a mix set of common fractions and decimals.

Each executive page includes:

A Tab Bar for switching from one page to another.
• A special screen section where a user name, records of the current session & the number of errors in a session, are logged.
• The control button "Next".
• The buttons ">", "<", "=" to choose the correct sign for the offered statement.

Here are the general rules for all quizzes:

• All quizzes are organized in sessions.
• Only a session with 20 quizzes is evaluated and is counted as completed one. If a session is interrupted before a set from 20 quizzes is finished, the results of this session are not copied to the Clipboard.
• The results of each session are documented and accompanied by the evaluation that includes the score and elapsed time.
• Inside a session, a user can start a new quiz by pressing the button “Next”.
• When a user is done with 20 quizzes, the message “This session is done. All records were copied to the clipboard“ appears on the screen. To start a new session, a user should:
  - tap the button “Next”;
  - confirm the user name or enter another name.
• When a session is completed:
    - the session results are copied to the Clipboard,
    - the log on the screen is cleared.
• A user can paste the Clipboard content into Apple applications like Mail or Notes for later analysis.
• To send the session results by email, a user should:
    - open the Mail application and start a new email;
    - tap a content area until menu options will appear and select the item “Paste”.
• To save the session results with Notes, a user should
    - open Notes & start a new note;
    - tap a content area until menu options will appear and select the item “Paste”.

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