Compare All Fractions

Compare All Fractions can be used as a tool for teachers and parents to explore, consolidate and check students’ knowledge of fractions.Compare All Fractions is also a skill builder for students grades 3-7.
The application offers a set of examples to compare all types of fractions: common fractions, mixed numbers,decimals, percents.
Compare All Fractions' content is aligned with CCSS Mathematics Standards and covers the following domains of CCSS for grades 3 through 7:
• Number & Operations – Fractions;
• The Number System;
• Number & Operations in Base Ten;
• Ratios & Proportional Relationships.

Compare All Fractions content is also aligned with Singapore Math Practice. The relationship between the quizzes and CCSS Mathematics Standards/Singapore Math Practice are described in CCSS/Singapore Math
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The snapshots above show how the app works. It is important that a user has to enter the name before taking the first quiz: this feature allows to use the application, installed on the same iPad, by multiple students.

Compare All Fractions offers 4 executive pages:

 •   "Level 1" for comparing 2 common fractions,
 •   "Level 2" for comparing 2 rational numbers,
 •   "Level 3" for converting percents to decimals & fractions ,
 •   "Level 4" for arranging in order a mix set of common fractions and decimals.

Each executive page includes:

A Tab Bar for switching from one page to another.
• A special screen section where a user name, records of the current session & the number of errors in a session, are logged.
• The control button "Next".
• The buttons ">", "<", "=" to choose the correct sign for the offered statement.

Here are the general rules for all quizzes:

• All quizzes are organized in sessions.
• Only a session with 20 quizzes is evaluated and is counted as completed one. If a session is interrupted before a set from 20 quizzes is finished, the results of this session are not copied to the Clipboard.
• The results of each session are documented and accompanied by the evaluation that includes the score and elapsed time.
• Inside a session, a user can start a new quiz by pressing the button “Next”.
• When a user is done with 20 quizzes, the message “This session is done. All records were copied to the clipboard“ appears on the screen. To start a new session, a user should:
  - tap the button “Next”;
  - confirm the user name or enter another name.
• When a session is completed:
    - the session results are copied to the Clipboard,
    - the log on the screen is cleared.
• A user can paste the Clipboard content into Apple applications like Mail or Notes for later analysis.
• To send the session results by email, a user should:
    - open the Mail application and start a new email;
    - tap a content area until menu options will appear and select the item “Paste”.
• To save the session results with Notes, a user should
    - open Notes & start a new note;
    - tap a content area until menu options will appear and select the item “Paste”.

Compare All Fractions Reviews:
A customer review on the App Store: Compare All Fractions’ is a welcome addition to the highly professional series of apps by Bel Math Apps. The content assists pupils in terms of skill building for grades 3 through 6. The exercises employed compare all types of fractions. The understanding of fractions can challenge children unless they understand the concepts required and are able to compare variables. The exercises and quizzes comply with CCSS standards and enable teachers to implement requirements effectively. Completed sessions, undertaken with no distractions, are copied to the clipboard for later analysis, which is a bonus, while protecting the privacy of young and adult users. Highly recommended.
Teachers With Apps: Compare All Fractions by Yevel Belyavsky in conjunction with his wife Tatyana was made as a labor of love for their grandchildren. These two former computer science professors and mathematicians know how to teach mathematical concepts and make them stick. In this app, kids are challenged throughout 4 levels of difficulty. Fractions are compared in all their forms, including decimals and percentages. It is up to the user to determine if the two fractions are less than, equal, or greater than in comparison with each other. The interface is direct with a no-thrills presentation. This keeps the focus on the task, and keeps the pictorial in the mind about numbers without extraneous stimuli – and this is so important for special need’s kids.

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