Math Fraction

Math Fraction is an iPad application that focuses on quizzes for common fractions and decimals. It covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Math Fraction content is aligned with CCSS Mathematics Standards and covers the following domains of CCSS for grades 4 through 6:
• Number & Operations in Base Ten;
• Number & Operations – Fractions;
• The Number System.

Math Fraction content is also aligned with Singapore Math Practice.
Quizzes for each arithmetic operation with decimals are divided into four levels of complexity. Quizzes for common fractions have two levels of complexity: the first level is for fractions with denominators less than 20, and the second level operates with more complex fractions. Also users have to enter their name before taking their first quiz, allowing the same iPad to be used for practice by multiple students.
The relationship between the quizzes and CCSS Mathematics Standards/Singapore Math Practice are described in CCSS/Singapore Math.
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Math Fraction offers:

• 6 executive pages:
    - " CF + - " for adding/subtracting fractions,
    - " CF x ÷ " for multiplying/dividing fractions,
    - " + DEC" for adding decimals,
    - " - DEC" for subtracting decimals,
    - " x DEC" for multiplying decimals,
    - " ÷ DEC" for dividing decimals.
• Each executive page includes:
    -  A Tab Bar for switching from one page to another;
    - The control buttons "Next quiz" and "New session";
    - a special screen section where records of the current session are logged.

Here are the general rules for all quizzes:

• All quizzes are organized in sessions.
• Only a session with 20 quizzes is evaluated and counts as completed. If a session is interrupted before a set from 20 quizzes is finished, the results of this session are not copied to the Clipboard.
• Once the session is completed:
    - the session results, accompanied by a user name, the number of errors, the score and elapsed time, are copied to the Clipboard,
    - a user can start the new session by pressing the button “New Session” or “Next Quiz”.
• For any new session, a user should confirm the user name or enter another name & then choose the quiz level.
• A user can paste the Clipboard content into Apple applications like Mail or Notes for later analysis.
• To send the session results by email, a user should:
    - open the Mail application and start a new email;
    - tap a content area until menu options will appear and select the item “Paste”.
• To save the session results with Notes, a user should
    - open Notes & start a new note;
    - tap a content area until menu options will appear and select the item “Paste”.

Math Fractions Reviews & Certifications: Math Fraction certification
 The application Math Fraction is certified by Teachers With Apps
 A customer review: Like Math Whole, this app offers a refreshing back to basics approach to mathematical operations. The lack of distractions aid concentration that takes away the lack of logical thinking associated with calculators in general. Highly recommended.
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