Math Fraction DR

Math Fraction DR is a mobile application that requires Android 2.2 and up. It supports normal, large and extra large screen sizes.
Math Fraction DR provides a wide spectrum of mathematical quizzes with common fractions. The application covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Math Fraction DR offers:

• Special entry page with a brief description of the application and control buttons for levels of complexity: "1" & "2".
• Pages "Addition", "Subtraction", "Multiplication" and "Division" with quizzes. Each page includes a special window for intermediate results, numeric keys for data entry and control buttons "Help", "Report", "Next quiz", "Reset", "Enter".
• The ability to display the session results when the button "Report" is tapped.
• The ability to save in files the results of any 5 sessions for each operation.

There are the general rules for all quizzes:
• All quizzes are organized in sessions.  The session is completed when button "Report" is pressed.
• The consecutive number of the current quiz in the session is displayed inside the button "Next quiz".  A new session sets this number to one.
• If entered data is correct, it will be transferred to the proper location of the operation.
• The entering of incorrect data is accompanied by the message "Wrong number" located inside the pop-up window. This window includes also the multiple choice list. To continue the quiz, correct data has to be chosen.
• The Report page for the corresponding operation includes buttons "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "Save" and "Reset".
• The results of the current session can be saved by pressing the button "Save".
• The user can save the 5 latest reports. The amount of saved reports is indicated by the number of colored buttons. The report is displayed when such a button is tapped.
• The button "Reset" erases all files.
• The user can return from any page of application to the previous one by tapping the back key on the device.

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