Math BK5Lite

MathBK5 lite
The iPhone application Math BK5Lite is the lite version of the application Math BK5. It provides a wide spectrum of mathematical exercises with whole numbers for elementary school students and covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
Math BK5Lite content is aligned with CCSS Mathematics Standards, covering the Operations & Algebraic Thinking domain and Number & Operations in Base Ten domain for the following grades:
- Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers for grades 1-3,
- Multiplication & Division of Whole Numbers for grades 3 & 4.

Math BK5Lite offers 4 active pages "Addition", "Subtraction", "Multiplication", "Division" with corresponding quizzes.
Each page includes numeric keys for data entry and control button "Next". Any quiz can be skipped by pressing the button “Next”.

Math BK5Lite review:

A customer review on the App Store: Great for practicing math stuff, times tables and addition/subtraction. Wish I had this when I was a kid!
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