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The company Bel Math Apps was created by two grandparents (both with a Ph.D. in Mathematics and with teaching experience), who decided to help their grandkids become skilled in elementary and middle school mathematics.
We thoroughly researched related applications for mobile devices, and were not able to find the one that satisfied us. At last we decided to organize our own company Bel Math Apps in order to create our own applications for iPad & iPhone that match the aspirations of our grandkids and make the learning curve paperless, smoother and easier. For more information watch our company presentation on YouTube.
We have studied in detail Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Mathematics & Singapore Math Method, and have compared them with the traditional curriculum. We also examined standardized tests and went through a few handbooks.
Our applications are easy to operate; there are no in-app ads or links to the promotional sites, and no collection of any personal identity information. Bel Math Apps is committed to protecting the privacy of kids and parents, as it is stated in company's Privacy Policy.
Bel Math Apps applications have several levels of complexity, which provide the alignment of the application with all grade-level standards.
Other important features of our apps are:
• iPad & iPhone applications allow sending the results of the practice to a parent or a teacher by email and/or saving these results for later analysis;
• practice results appear with a user name, allowing the same iPad to be used for practice by multiple students.
We actively participate in the Facebook groups “The Book App Alliance”, “Educational App Talk” and the Linkedin group “Common Core State Standards - Mathematics” , where we publish posts and reviews. We hope that our approach will be helpful for kids and their parents.

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