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 •  Bel Math Apps added to its collection of iPad apps the new application Perimeter & Area.
 •  Bel Math Apps received & proudly attached the “Teachers With Apps CERTIFIED” badge to the company website.  As it defined at “Teachers With Apps Certification Program”: 'The Teachers With Apps Certified badge of approval will be awarded to apps that prove exemplary in content, presentation, and execution, as well as overall user experience'.
 •  Teachers with Apps posted a review of Bel Math Apps application ‘Compare all Fractions’.
 •  Edshelf, 'a socially-curated discovery engine of websites, mobile apps, desktop programs, and electronic products for teaching and learning', keeps Bel Math App applications in more and more shelves. Now the app Math Fraction is kept in 47 shelves & the app Quiz Generator - in 36 shelves.
 •  Bel Math Apps is a number 7 on the list of the 'Most Popular Math Apps Websites' & is a number 8 among 'the top 22Math Apps and iPad Websites'.
 •  A search on the Apple Store using words ‘Perimeter & Area’ provides the screen where the application Perimeter & Area is number 3 in the collection on the screen.
     - “In support of the US Common Core curriculum, Bel Math Apps provide Math practice on both Apple and Android platforms. The apps are easy to use, help teachers and parents identify weak spots and allow results to be stored in files and sent between parents and teachers.”
 •  Math Integers testimonials & the App Store reviews:
     - “Understanding integers with ease and delight. Having challenged myself to understand integers better, I found the answer through this super, user friendly app. As a writer, I felt prompted to connect with positive terminology such as gain, forward and above, while negative equivalents such as loss, behind and down came to mind. Thanks, Bel Math Apps, for your approach that avoids distractions while providing a stimulating and enjoyable experience. I find this to be the case with every app in the series. Highly recommended.”
     - "Exceptional educational value! I love Maths! This app will help kids on all levels improve!"
 •  Math Whole testimonials:
     - “This is a comprehensive app for kids to work on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. The app is not designed for those who are brand new to these subjects, but is great for those who have seen them before.”
     - “I tried this app with the student I am assigned to this year. He is in grade 4 and struggles with math concepts. I liked this app because it mimics pencil and paper. It reinforces how we have been teaching general math concepts, including carry for adding and borrow for subtracting. We haven’t introduced a lot of multiplying and dividing to him yet so we haven’t tried this function. I like how I can leave him to do calculations and his answers are stored at the top of the page so I don’t have to actually watch him but can still see his progress. I wish the app had the capability to redo questions he has struggled with. “
 •  Math Fraction review on the App Store, written by Russian user:
     - “I recently bought the application Math Fraction & I am very happy with it: now it is the “pretesting time” in school, and the app helps our 5th grade son to be proper prepared. In my opinion, the app Math Fraction is designed as the very special tool for practicing math. It allows to learn faster the necessary math skills. Especially useful for our son were quizzes for fractions with different denominators. Our son was able to find the right answers for the complex quizzes after few days of practice. We would like to thank developers who created this application".
 •  Compare All Fractions review:
     - "Simple, clean cut, and just what you need. Good tool to supplement your student’s math curriculum."

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